International My Lai Commemoration

H-PAD supporters,

This coming March 16 is the fiftieth anniversary of the massacre of over 500 Vietnamese civilians by U.S. troops at My Lai. H-PAD calls on its supporters to join others in remembering qand denouncing  this war crime. Two H-PAD Steering Committee members, Ellen Schrecker and James Swarts (part of the Veterans for Peace delegation) are in Vietnam and will be attending the Memorial Observation in My Lai on March 16th.

The H-PAD Steering Committee is supporting Vietnam Peace Commemoration Committee’s statement, “My Lai:  Never Again– A Public Appeal for Moral Responsibility” (attached).  We wrote in response, “Statement on the 50th anniversary of the My Lai massacre by Historians for Peace and Democracy” (also attached), which will be read at the Vigil to Commemorate My Lai, Friday, March 16, in Washington, D.C.,  across from the White House ( ).

Please consider signing the Commemoration Committee’s appeal at, and also the Veterans for Peace statement, “Open Letter to the People of Viet Nam by Veterans for Peace,” at

Finally, we ask you to participate in events commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the My Lai Massacre on March 16, or, if possible, organize a vigil or other event of your own.

Andor Skotnes, Margaret Power, Van Gosse,  H-PAD Co-Chairs



Andor Skotnes

Professor of History