The mission of Historians for Peace and Democracy (H-PAD) is to stand up for peace and diplomacy internationally, and for democracy and human rights at home. To these ends, we are dedicated to fostering education on campuses and in communities, encouraging activism, and facilitating networking with organizations working for peace and justice.

Strike Support: Historians Letter to Columbia Provost Ira Katznelson

If you wish to sign this urgently-needed letter, please go to

For information on the strike, see Graduate Workers of Columbia University/UAW Local 2110.

Our deadline is Noon on Sunday, April 4.

Dear Provost Katznelson,

We write you as fellow historians.  Your scholarship in working-class history has been of profound importance and has affirmed the right of every working person to bargain collectively. We call upon you to honor that commitment and lead the Columbia administration in good-faith bargaining with its graduate students and other student workers. We also urge you to immediately cease the punitive withholding of stipends; not only is this a classic union-busting tactic but it is morally reprehensible, given how difficult it is for these workers to live in New York City.  Finally, like any other workers, they have a right to a policy outlining freedom from discrimination and harassment, which we hope you will implement immediately.

As historians who value both scholarship and activism, we feel that the university should provide a model for equitable labor relations and demonstrate respect for the rights of all its workers.  This is the standard to which we will hold Columbia—and you. We also fear that if Columbia succeeds in breaking GWC-UAW Local 2110 it will be a signal to other universities and will only increase the precarity of this large sector of academic workers, further undermining the academy overall.

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New: H-PAD Update

Occasional Newsletter #8, March 30, 2021, Updating Current H-PAD Activities
(also available as a pdf for downloading and/or printing)

H-PAD Virtual Speakers Program

Over thirty five speakers are available to address local audiences via Zoom without honoraria on a variety of important historical and political topics!

The Virtual Speakers Program (VSP) is a new H-PAD initiative which draws on our past experiences with speakers lists, but which now incorporates the technological opportunities provided by video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Skype.  The purpose of VSP is to enable local campus or community H-PAD supporters to schedule, without honoraria, presentations by professional historians, independent scholars, and activists in topic areas that are politically, historically, and intellectually important in the current context.  We suggest that virtual speakers might be booked, for example, for regular class meetings in courses, during regular meeting slots of community groupings, or for specially arranged events.  Read more…

U.S. Foreign Policy History & Resource Guide

This open resource history website, sponsored by H-PAD and the Peace History Society, continues to build a solid foundation for critical thinking on U.S. foreign policy.  Written for students and the general public, the latest essays are “Cold War interventionism, 1945-1990” and “The post-Cold War era, 1989-2001” (see blog here).  Excellent for online coursework.

Other H-PAD activities

Check out Jim O’Brien’s biweekly selection of insightful news and journal articles in the H-PAD Announcements (blog) section.
Podcasts of our H-PAD panel “Two More Years of Trump: What Is to Be Done?” at the 2019 American Historical Association are now available.
In the fall of 2018, H-PAD sent out seven “Voting Rights Alerts” (see blog posts) to help prepare for the midterm elections on November 6, and advocate for students’ right to vote.

H-PAD is developing a Public History Campaign, finding ways to agitate for peace and justice with useful, accessible, accurate materials.  Our Public History campaign has three components:

  • Investing in a much larger social media presence, including webinars, videos, and podcasts;
  • Producing many more “Broadsides for the Present Era” and distributing them widely, via web ads;
  • Building partnerships with progressive and left organizations and publications to distribute our public, political, and popular history.
You can contribute to the Public History Campaign by signing up as an H-PAD Campus Contact or Community Contact, becoming a liaison for possible events and speakers.  Please sign up here.  You can also help by making a financial contribution.  To build our “Public History” campaign, we need to pay for professional help in creating new media, advertising space on the web, and the distribution of our materials to everyone who needs them.

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