Our mission is to stand up for peace and diplomacy internationally, and for democracy and human rights at home.  To these ends, we are dedicated to fostering education on campuses and in communities, encouraging activism, and facilitating networking with organizations working for peace and justice. 


News of Note

We need your help!

Historians for Peace and Democracy is gearing up for the 2018-2019 academic year.  You have already received three “Voting Rights Alerts” from us (see blog posts), to help prepare for the midterm elections on November 6.

Besides students’ right to vote, our focus this fall is on “Public History,” finding ways to support the Resistance with useful, accessible, accurate materials.

Our “Public History” campaign has three emphases:

  • Investing in a much larger social media presence, including webinars, videos, and podcasts;  
  • Producing many more “Broadsides for the Trump Era” and distributing them widely, via web ads (see our latest, “Building a Regime of Restrictive Immigration Laws, 1840-1945” by Felice Batlan);
  • Building partnerships with progressive and left organizations and publications to distribute our public, political, and popular history.

You can support this work in two ways:  by signing up as an H-PAD Campus Contact and by contributing money:


“Campus Contacts” are just that—people who agree to be public representatives for our organization and act as contacts and liaisons, listed on our website, available as speakers and resources.  Please sign up here, and if you want to be a “Community Contact,” that’s fine too.

We also hope you will make a financial contribution. To build our “Public History” campaign, we need funds: to pay for professional help in creating new media; to buy advertising space on the web to distribute our materials widely and freely to everyone who needs them.

If every H-PAD supporter gave just $5, we would have enough to launch our “Public History Fund.” If every one of you gave $10, we could invest in enough web advertising to guarantee reaching the thousands of Indivisible groups, the tens of thousands of Black Lives Matter, DACA, and LGBTQ activists on campus, and the hundreds of thousands of individuals around the country mobilizing for the first time in their communities.  The web makes that possible.  Will you help, by sending $5 or $10?

H-PAD Steering Committee Newsletter

Historians for Peace and Democracy has released its first newsletter. Check it out.

New Peace History website essay:  “U.S. in World War I”

Read the blog or check it out.

“Trump, the Republican Party, and Westmoreland County”

“Pennsylvania was key to Trump’s presidential victory, Westmoreland County was key to Pennsylvania, and District Seven was key to Westmoreland County.”  READ MORE . . .     This article was posted by Political Research Associates and by the History News Network.  The author, Margaret Power, grew up in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, and has often returned.  She teaches history at the Illinois Institute of Technology and is a co-chair of Historians for Peace and Democracy.