Voting Rights Alert #2: Check out the Brennan Center

Dear H-PAD supporters,

The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University is the nation’s premier research and advocacy group defending our democratic rights—especially the right to vote. If you care about voter suppression, including that aimed at students, subscribe to their regular alerts.

Here are three of the Center’s current reports, which should be of interest to anyone concerned with voting rights.

A recent report on the problems with aggressive and inaccurate purges of the voting rolls.
Voting Laws Roundup 2018
Our annual report on pending legislation affecting voting across the country. The latest roundup is from April, but important updates since then should be mostly captured by the State of Voting report below.
A comprehensive summary from June of new laws, bill, and lawsuits that may impact voting in the 2018 election, and an update with recent developments in August.
If you are seeing problems on your campus (or in your community), securing students’ right to vote, please write me, so we can compile this information for the Brennan Center.

In solidarity,

Van Gosse, H-PAD Co-Chair
Professor of History
Franklin & Marshall College
Lancaster PA 17604-3003