Voting Rights Alert #5: Lots of Nonpartisan Voter Guides from CEEP!

Dear supporters of Historians for Peace and Democracy,

The most common reason students don’t vote in midterms is that they don’t know the candidates.  CEEP (the Campus Elections Engagement Project) is working to change that with short, effective, nonpartisan voter guides clarifying where candidates stand on the issues.  Below are links to guides for 22 states, from Paul Loeb, CEEP’s founder and head, plus an excellent memo on “Distributing Voter and Issue Guides.”

Van Gosse, H-PAD Co-Chair


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Hi Listserv friends,
We’ve completed lots more nonpartisan guides, so would greatly appreciate your passing them on in any ways you can if you haven’t already. Here’s a link on how to best distribute them to classroom or community groups.
We also did another update version of our 90-second Close Elections Video (much better music) which we’d appreciate your passing on. 
And various nonpartisan memes to download and pass on through social media networks..
Here are the updated guides:
2018 Midterm Guides
Issue Guides

[We’re finishing up the additional mobile friendly versions of the remaining guides this week and will also finish Maine Senate, Mississippi’s 3-way special election, New Jersey Senate and Maryland Gov. So if you live in those states, check back on the websitenext week]

Thanks for all you do to involve students in democracy.
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