Recent articles of interest – Jan. 25, 2019

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“The Shutdown Is Trump’s Ultimate Attack on American Intellectual Life”
By Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen, Washington Post, posted January 24.  The author teaches history at the University of Wisconsin.
“Why Is the Doomsday Clock Set at 2 Minutes to Midnight?”
By Lawrence S. Wittner, History News Network, posted January 24.  The author is a professor emeritus of history at SUNY Albany.
“What Alexander the Great Can Teach Trump about Compromise”
By Robert Garland, History News Network, posted January 24.  A very short, enjoyable article.  The author teaches Classics at Colgate University.
“What Does William Barr Have to Do with Iran Contra?”
By Jeffrey J. Matthews, History News Network, posted January 22.  The author teaches history and leadership at the University of Puget Sound.
“The Dangers of Romanticizing Regime Change”
By Jerrod A. Laber, The National Interest, posted January 21.  Review essay on Lindsay O’Rourke’s new book, Covert Regime Change: America’s Secret Cold War (Cornell U. Press).
“America at War: Infographic Reveals How the U.S. Military Is Operating in 40% of the World’s Nations”
By Josh Jones, Open Culture, posted January 16.   Includes a map, with commentary, created for Brown University’s Cost of War Project.
“The King We Would Rather Forget”
By John Marciano, Ashland (Oregon) Daily Tidings, posted January 15.  On Martin Luther King’s antiwar stance.  The author is a professor emeritus of history at SUNY Cortland.
“How Not to Build a ‘Great, Great Wall’: A Timeline of Border Fortification”
By Greg Grandin,, posted January 13.  The author teaches history at New York University.
“Interview: The Backstory to the Migrant Caravan is Repression of Democracy and Labor in Honduras”
Interview with Dana Frank by Judy Ancel.  Dana Frank teaches history at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and is author of the new book, The Long Honduran Night: Resistance, Terror, and the United States in the Aftermath of the Coup.
“The Hole in Donald Trump’s Wall”
By Tore Olsson, Washington Post, posted January 9.  “As long as Americans continue to flood into Mexico and reshape its economy, the drive for Mexicans to enter the United States will remain higher than any wall.”  The author teaches history at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.
“Return of the Neocons”
By Stephen Wertheim, New York Review Daily, posted January 2.  The author is a visiting assistant professor of history at Columbia University and his book, Tomorrow, the World: The Growth of U.S. Global Supremacy in World War II, is forthcoming from Harvard University Press.
“Disciplined for Acting with Integrity”
By Alan Wald, Against the Current, posted January 1. On the University of Michigan’s response to two instructors who declined to write letters of recommendations for students to study in Israel.  The author teaches American Studies at the university.
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