H-PAD Is Surging!

Dear friends and supporters,

As 2019 advances, Historians for Peace and Democracy is moving forward on many fronts, and we need your support.

First, thanks to Barbara Epstein, H-PAD has built a relationship with the Democratic Socialists of America—they now get first dibs when our “Broadsides for the Trump Era” are published. Co-Chair Margaret Power’s “Puerto Rico: A U.S. Colony in the Caribbean” is up on DSA’s website, reaching their 60,000 members directly, and more are coming.

Second, led by Andor Skotnes and in alliance with Radical History Review, we are organizing a full slate of panels for next year’s AHA Annual Meeting in New York, including:

·      Asia Pivots: Past and Present

·      The Koch Network & Democracy: Disrupting Today’s Academic Capture

·      A Right to Bear Arms? The Contested Role of History in Contemporary Debates on the Second Amendment 

·      50th Anniversary: Cambodia and the Campuses, Lessons Learned and Unlearned

·      Historians and the Current Crisis: Strategy Meeting

·      Organizing Students to Vote:  History and Best Practices

·      Historians Respond to Extreme Right Governments Around the World

·      Revolutionary Positions: Global Legacies of Gender and Sexuality in the Cuban Revolution

·      Roundtable of RHR Issue Editors on the State of Radical History

Third, Jeri Fogel has organized an excellent panel for the June 28-30 Left Forum in New York city under the title “Historians and the Current Crisis: Old/New Ideas for Organizing Against Wealth and Power.”

Finally, H-PAD is hosting a National Strategy Meeting of fifty historian-activists from many different campaigns and backgrounds on May 28 at Columbia University, to debate the role of historians in the current crisis and build networks of solidarity and common action.

Organizing the above costs money:  $250 for Left Forum; $1,000 or more in room and logistics at AHA; food, rooms, and some partial travel subsidies for the May 28 meeting (at least $3,000).  And we plan to start producing a series of short videos featuring historians directly answering political questions like “What is Fascism?” and “Why is the U.S. Not a True Democracy?,” which require a professional videographer.

Will you help out, with $15, $25, or more, to support all of the above? You can contribute online at https://www.historiansforpeace.org/donate/ or by sending a check made out to “Historians for Peace and Democracy/Historians Against the War” to me, c/o History Department, Franklin and Marshall College, PO Box 3003, Lancaster PA 17604-3003.  And if you send in $35 or more, we’ll send you a neat H-PAD button, with this image!

In solidarity,

Van Gosse, Co-Chair