No War With Iran !! Call Congress Today!

Fortunately the President cancelled last week’s air strikes on Iran. However, since withdrawing from the nuclear deal, he has been pursuing a dangerously provocative course towards Iran. Leading figures within the Administration clearly welcome the prospect of war and are seizing opportunities to bring this about.  At this time, members of Congress are of vital importance in pressing for a policy of restraint. For that to occur they need to hear from constituents. In recent days, several national groups have focused on this task. Historians for Peace and Democracy encourage you to join that effort.

Please call your Representative and Senators with a few simple points and ask them to speak out now:

No War With Iran

Resolve Conflict with Diplomacy

End Economic Sanctions

Rejoin Iran Nuclear Deal

To reach your Congressional Representative and Senators 

Call the Congressional Switchboard at 202-225-3121 and ask to speak to your elected official. * Most offices keep a count of the incoming messages on important topics. In this dangerous time, numbers matter.