DSA Publishing H-PAD Broadsides!

Dear friends of Historians for Peace and Democracy,

This spring we initiated an exciting new relationship giving the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) permission to post our “Broadsides for the Trump Era” on their website as they come out, after which anyone can republish them. The first to appear was Margaret Power’s “Puerto Rico: A U.S. Colony in the Caribbean” in April, followed by Van Gosse’s “Why the United States Is Not a True Democracy” a few weeks ago. All of our broadsides are also available on the H-PAD website.

DSA is the largest organization on the U.S. left in decades, so this relationship means that our work is reaching a strategic audience of around 60,000 members, including a large proportion of young people. This is an example of H-PAD broadening ties with today’s movements at a time of mass mobilization, and of our commitment to doing history that people can use.

In solidarity,

Kevin Young, on behalf of the H-PAD Steering Committee