Join Us! Become a Member of Historians for Peace & Democracy!

Dear friends,

Since our founding in 2003, Historians Against the War/Historians for Peace & Democracy has operated as a loose network. Anyone who agreed with our mission was considered a supporter or member. This open-door policy allowed us to reach out and incorporate thousands of people.


2019 was a year of sustained activism by H-PAD, including our May 28 National Strategy Meeting, multiple “Broadsides for the Trump Era” published in partnership with DSA, the launch of our “Liberating History” video series, the founding of five working groups, and a powerful presence at the January 2020 Annual Meeting of the AHA. 


In that context, the H-PAD Steering Committee decided to make the transition to a formal membership organization. In an era of rising authoritarianism, attacks on democratic rights, and contempt for history itself, we believe it is crucial to strengthen our capacity for the long haul.  


Membership in H-PAD is based on making a commitment to build the organization. Members will vote in setting our strategic direction, and elect our Steering Committee. To be considered an H-PAD member, an individual must do one or more of the following:


·      Make a financial contribution

·      Join (or create) a Working Group  

·      Act as a campus or community liaison

·      Organize an H-PAD event

·      Something else–write a broadside, make a video, etc.!


This list is designed to be inclusive. The purpose is to ensure that members are invested in the organization, while keeping the requirements flexible.


If you want to become an active member of H-PAD, join us!

In solidarity,


Van Gosse and Margaret Power, Co-Chairs

For the H-PAD Steering Committee