Please sign the petition about DACA from H-PAD’s Immigrant Rights Group

Dear Members and Supporters of H-PAD,

We hope that you are doing as well as possible in these exceedingly difficult times. 
We hope you will take a moment to read, sign, and share the petition below from H-PAD's Immigrant Rights Working Group.

DACA Petition

Among the many hardships wrought by the current pandemic, the Covid-19 outbreak has amplified the anxiety of hundreds of thousands of immigrant youth currently awaiting a Supreme Court ruling on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). Last fall, the court heard challenges to the Trump Administration’s 2017 decision to rescind DACA, and had promised a ruling sometime before June 2020. Among the many who find their status in limbo are thousands of healthcare workers, teachers, grocery store employees, and many more whose families depend on them for care and support in these difficult times, just as we rely on their skills and services to survive.

This petition demands that the Trump administration (1) automatically renew DACA permits set to expire this year and (2) withdraw the case to terminate DACA from the Supreme Court. We encourage you to sign and share it widely.

Ashley Black and Margaret Power