Petition from Temma Kaplan on COVID 19 and higher education. Act NOW!

My Dear Friends:
I’m writing because I’m concerned with the devastating impact of COVID 19 on institutions of higher education, as I’m sure you are too.  Events are moving quickly, and currently there are several institution-based, profession-based, union-based, and student-based efforts to address the crisis.  But there has not yet been a comprehensive united call for a fuller and bolder investment and reform package for higher education as part of the federal stimulus.   The time for action is now.  

I’m working with a small team of politics and policy scholars (Eileen Boris, Marisa Chappell, Adom Getachew, Lisa Levenstein,  Jennifer Mittelstadt, Premilla Nadasen, Annelise Orleck)  to call for a simple and comprehensive policy plan for public higher education.  I’m hoping that you will take a look at our petition and sign on:

It would be very helpful if you could also share this message with your colleagues and friends inside and outside higher education. We want a massive response representing all kinds of people. 

We’re also working individually with the heads of major professional, union, and higher education organizations to spread the word.

As soon as we have a significant number of signatures, we plan to initiate a second round of outreach to ask individuals and leaders of institutions to send the letter to their appropriate elected officials.

Temma Kaplan