Petition from The U.S Network for Democracy in Brazil to sign

Dear H-PADers,
Below is a petition we urge you to sign. It is from The U.S Network for Democracy in Brazil, of which H-PAD is a member.
Thank you.
Margaret Power, co-chair of H-PAD
From: James N. Green <>
Dear Colleagues:
In the past I have sent you individual emails on occasions to ask you to support a campaign of the U.S. Network for Democracy in Brazil. Indeed, you are likely subscribed to the Network's mailing list and have probably received  a request to sign the petition below in defense of the life of Talíria Petrone, an Afro-Brazilian Congresswoman from Rio de Janeiro. Jean Wyllys contacted me this week to ask me to help disseminate this international campaign in the United States. As we are all anxiously anticipating the US elections, please take a minute to consider signing the petition and circulating it widely. It really will make a difference in creating an international circle of protection around this combative representative of the Brazilain people.


Declaration against political violence in Brazil and in solidarity with Talíria Petrone

Dear Friends of the U.S Network For Democracy in Brazil,

We hope that this email finds you well. We write this email to share a declaration condemning political violence, this time specifically against Congresswoman Talíria Petrone, from PSOL-RJ, that is now being circulated among networks of politicians, academics and activist to collect signatures. 

Talíria Petrone lives under constant death threats for using her mandate to advocate for matters such as the expansion of civil rights and the end of the genocide of black people in Brazil. Since taking office in the Chamber of Deputies, she has been officially notified of six reports of plans for her execution. Although she is an elected parliamentarian with more than 100,000 votes, her protection is not fully guaranteed by the state.

The fight against gender and race-based political violence is a task for all of us. That is why we express our solidarity and support for federal deputy Talíria Petrone and all Brazilian women, especially black ones, who are parliamentarians and candidates, and we urge Brazilian institutions to take effective measures to ensure their safety.

As such, we invite all USNDB friends and members to sign the Google Forms below by the end of the working week. You can find the Google Forms and the full statement here:

Take care,

Roni Wine
The U.S Network for Democracy in Brazil


James N. Green

Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Professor of Modern Latin American History