Solidarity with Garrett Felber (Please sign and circulate)

H-PAD members and friends: 


The University of Mississippi has fired Assistant Professor of History Garrett Felber, apparently in retaliation for his anti-racist scholarship, political organizing, and criticism of the university’s administration and donors. A letter of support for Felber has already garnered signatures from some 2,400 scholars – in just one day. We encourage you to add your signature and to help spread the word among your colleagues. We must mount a strong response to this type of McCarthyism whenever we see it.  


See HERE for the letter to Chancellor Glenn Boyce 


You can add your name to the letter HERE 

For a full list of signatures, see HERE. 



For additional information on the case, see “UM Fires History Professor Who Criticizes ‘Powerful, Racist Donors’ And ‘Carceral State’,” Mississippi Free Press, December 15, 2020. 


When announcing his firing on Twitter, Professor Felber asked supporters to show their solidarity by donating to the Study and Struggle Holiday Drive, which is collecting funds for toiletries, gifts for family, and other necessary supplies for people incarcerated in Mississippi. Study and Struggle is a four-month political education program on abolition and immigrant justice, which is part of Mississippi Freedom Winter. The project is a partnership between a national network of university faculty, students, and grassroots organizers to address the pressing humanitarian crises of incarceration and immigrant detention in Mississippi. You can donate here by Dec. 19th:  Study and Struggle Holiday Drive.