Legislative Alert ! Congress Must Act !!

Historians for Peace and Democracy shares in the widespread outrage about the Presidential inspired violence in the nation’s capital. We view this effort to overthrow the results of a democratic election as the culmination of four years of attacks against the constitutional rights of the American people. It is the obvious product of the Trump Administration’s coddling of white supremacists and armed militias.  With the Confederate flag on clear display, it is impossible to ignore the racist character of these white protestors.   


Historians for Peace and Democracy calls for the immediate removal of President Trump whether by application of the 25th Amendment or through impeachment. We call for an independent probe of the failure of law enforcement at the nation’s capital and appropriate punishment for those responsible. And we demand long overdue surveillance and prosecution of violent white supremacists, who have played an increasing, unchallenged role in American society and political life.    


For Immediate Action, please contact your Representatives and Senators of both parties and demand the removal of President Trump, whether through the application of the 25th Amendment or in its absence the rapid use of the impeachment process.    


This is one occasion where members of Congress (including Republicans) will be closely monitoring the messages through their offices. Try to reach them through the Capitol switchboard: Simplest way is through the Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121. Otherwise, check their website for phone numbers at district or state offices.   


If you receive surprising reactions, please let us know.   



Legislative Coordinators, Historians for Peace and Democracy