Leslie Cagan

Leslie Cagan, lesliecagan@igc.org, is available to speak on why working on climate change is important now; the power of public protest including mass mobilizations; challenges to organizing in a pandemic; setting organizing priorities as a new administration sets in.

 Coordinator of The Peoples Climate Movement, NY; former national coordinator of United for Peace and Justice. “When Brooklyn for Peace named community organizer Leslie Cagan one of three Pathfinder for Peace award winners in late 2017, it was both in recognition of, and in gratitude for, Cagan’s more than 50 years of social justice activism. Whether pushing for action on climate change, peace, LGBTQ equality, feminism, reproductive choice, or fighting racism, Cagan’s voice, presence, and expertise have long been visible.” (See https://portside.org/2018-05-31/leslie-cagans-half-century-activism)