Legislative Alert ! Palestinian Rights Matter! Rapid Response Needed

Legislative Alert:   

Palestinian Rights Matter !  


Rapid Response Needed  


Immediate Background:  As the Israeli-Palestinian crisis deepens, AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and related organizations are generating one-sided pressure on members of Congress to “Stand with Israel. One month ago, these groups prevailed on 330 Congressional Reps to sign a letter, insisting that, “reducing funding or adding conditions on security assistance would be detrimental to Israel’s ability to defend itself against all threats.” 


For text of this AIPAC-driven letter and signatories:



We can observe the fruits of this “unconditional” US support in the unfolding tragedy in East Jerusalem and Gaza.  


Our Representatives and two Senators need to hear from us ASAP: 


Ask them to  


Stand Up for the Human Rights of Palestinians 

Demand an end to one-sided, unconditional US support for Israel

* Call for an Immediate Cease-fire

Co-sponsor Resolution H.R. 2590, introduced by Rep. Betty McCullum in the House of Representatives, prohibiting the use of US funds to support the military detention of children, the demolition of Palestinian homes and further annexation of Palestinian territory. List of co-sponsors below:




To reach these elected officials, try going through the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121, or if line is tied up, obtain additional contact information from their websites.