RHR/H-PAD AHA 2022 Sessions Rescheduled



Report on RHR/H-PAD at the 2022 AHA Annual Meeting:

Our sessions Are Being Rescheduled and Relocated!

 As with the 2020 AHA, RHR, in cooperation with H-PAD, has organized a set of ten strong affiliate sessions for the 2022 AHA conference in New Orleans; it begins soon, and runs January 6-9. Unfortunately the COVID pandemic has again deepened, and we have had to reschedule our sessions apart from the current conference site and schedule.


Of our sessions, one was canceled, two will be held outside the AHA framework, and seven are moving to the “virtual AHA conference” that is now being organized online for February 21-27.  Below, our original ten sessions are listed as previously scheduled, along with current information about their rescheduling. More complete information will be available soon.