MONDAY, 11am ET: What Role Can Historians Play in the Current Crisis?

Dear H-PAD members and supporters,
This is a reminder about Historians for Peace and Democracy’s strategy session tomorrow (Monday) from 11am-12:30pm. The session will begin with 2 short presentations from historians, Diana Sierra Becerra and Karlos Hill, who have been collaborating with community organizations. The presentations will provide concrete examples of ways that historians are playing productive roles in response to current crises.
The bulk of the session will then be an open discussion about strategy, drawing from but not limited to the insights we get from the two presentations. Please attend if you can.
This session is one of the AHA sessions from January that has been rescheduled for this week (see attached for the full list). The Zoom links will be posted here 20 minutes before each panel starts.
Kevin Young, for the H-PAD steering committee