Let’s hit the ground running this fall!

Dear H-PAD members and friends,


We have had a busy spring and summer, as historians and activists:


In collaboration with the African American Policy Forum and the AAUP, we helped organize a campaign that encouraged over 50 Faculty Senates to pass resolutions denouncing the educational gag orders passed by state legislatures. In 2022 alone 137 bills to restrict education on topics like race, American history, gender and LGBTQ+ identity were introduced in 36 states.


We are working on a comprehensive book of articles and interviews documenting the “Culture Wars” fightback, edited by Ellen Schrecker, Valerie Johnson (Political Science, DePaul University), and Jennifer Ruth (Film Studies, Portland State University).


In partnership with the Zinn Education Project, we have reached out to K-12 educators nationwide, to bring solidarity from the academy to their local struggles, and we will ramp up that grassroots work this fall.


For the third year in a row, in collaboration with Radical History Review, we are mounting a series of historically innovative, politically engaging sessions at the next American Historical Association meeting in Philadelphia (January 2023).


But all of this costs money: we now have a paid organizer, and we need your support.  Please send $15 (if you’re a grad student), $35 (if you’re untenured/out in the world) and $60 or more (if tenured) to keep H-PAD in the fight; here is a link to contribute.

Yours for free speech,

The H-PAD Steering Committee (Marc Becker, Mara Dodge, Rusti Eisenberg, Van Gosse, Molly Nolan, Jim O’Brien; Margaret Power, Ellen Schrecker, Andor Skotnes, Kevin Young)