H-PAD is on a roll! (We need your support)

Dear H-PAD supporters and friends,


Heading into 2023, we have a full action program:


·      An impressive set of roundtables and talks, co-sponsored with Radical History Review, at the January 5-8 AHA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia;


·      A new campaign of Historians-On-Call, in collaboration with the Zinn Education Project (with fifty historians signed-up in 23 states, we have already responded to a call from Virginia educators disturbed by new state state standards—you can sign up here);


·      A comprehensive Culture Wars Archive, which will debut at the AHA meeting.


We are able to make this happen because we now have an organizer, Sarah Sklaw, and we need to support her and this work.  So please help keep H-PAD going!


We suggest $15 (if you’re a grad student), $35 (if you’re untenured/out in the world) and $60 or more (if tenured), although we would be happy to accept larger amounts; here is a link to contribute.  

In solidarity,


Your Steering Committee ((Marc Becker, Mara Dodge, Rusti Eisenberg, Van Gosse, Molly Nolan, Jim O’Brien; Margaret Power, Ellen Schrecker, Andor Skotnes, Kevin Young)