[PLEASE FORWARD!] April 11: “Fighting the Right: Lessons From Florida”

Dear H-PAD supporters,
We are honored that our fellow historian Paul Ortiz will lead this online forum, so we can all start planning to organize our own campuses.  The Right is coming for all of us, and there are lessons to be learned!  Please forward to everyone you know who is ready to fight.
Van Gosse and Margaret Power, for H-PAD


Fighting the Right: Lessons From Florida




An Online Forum with Paul Ortiz



President, United Faculty of Florida, University of Florida




Paul Ortiz and his union are on the frontlines of the current culture wars.

Education on all levels, and the rights of much of the state’s population, are under attack by forces led by Governor Ron DeSantis. The governor’s “Anti-Wokeness” campaign threatens to eviscerate honest teaching of United States history and force people of color, the trans and LGBTQ+ communities, and working people in general to the margins of society. Resistance to this campaign is growing, and at the center of the fight is the United Faculty of Florida and its allies. Paul Ortiz, a historian at the University of Florida and veteran of social justice movements, is a key leader in this resistance.


Paul Ortiz is Professor of History at the University of Florida, and President of the United Faculty of Florida-UF  (FEA/NEA/AFT/AFL-CIO).   He is the author of An African American and Latinx History of the United States, which received the 2018 PEN Oakland-Josephine Miles Award for Literary Excellence, and other books.  His Ph.D. is from Duke University.


Tuesday, April 11, 7 pm-8pm EDT



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Sponsored by Historians for Peace and Democracy, cosponsored by Massachusetts Peace Action