Burying the Monroe Doctrine, April 29

Information about this fantastic event is below:

Please join us and please help spread the word to students and faculty colleagues about an important event on April 29, the
Latin American Policy Forum: “In Search of a New U.S. Policy for a New Latin America: Burying 200 Years of the Monroe Doctrine.” It will take place at American University's Kerwin Hall T-01 starting at 10 am and is being sponsored by American University’s Departments of History and Anthropology and over 50 partners, including CodePink.

We’ll hear from speakers including Democracy Now’s Juan Gonzalez, Belly of the Beast’s award-winning Cuban journalist Liz Oliva Fernández, Mexican renowned scholar of Critical Theory and the Philosophy of Liberation Jorge Zuñiga, and Nick Estes, founder of the indigenous resistance group Red Nation. We’ll look at movements that are opposing sanctions and unilateral intervention, countering militarism with cooperation, building independent regional institutions, addressing the climate crisis, and helping migrants. 

We’ll also have a cultural celebration in the evening and an advocacy day in Congress the day before.  Sign up for any or all of these events now or just show up!

It’s time for us to bury the Monroe Doctrine once and for all and to help shape a new policy and forms of solidarity towards our neighbors in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Join us on April 29 at American University for art, music, speakers, debates, and more.


Solidarity Across the Americas: The Puerto Rican Nationalist Party and Anti-imperialism

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