H-PAD Israel-Palestine Working Group in action

Dear H-PAD Members,

As the humanitarian crisis in Gaza deepens, we urge you to take action to help resolve it and save lives. An Israel-Palestine Working Group (IPWG) has formed in H-PAD, which you are welcome to join.

The working group has determined that one thing we as historians can do is write, and we should use our skills to write letters to our elected officials, newspapers, and any other media, networks of activists, human rights lawyers, and independent journalists to which we have access.

Below are several samples or templates we have developed.

The first is a letter by Deborah Cohen, which she sent to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The second is a letter by Lewis Siegelbaum, to be sent to your elected official calling on them to support a cease fire or, if your elected official did sign it, you can modify to thank them for signing it. Download the Cohen letter here, and the Siegelbaum letter here.

I am also including a letter I sent to the Chicago Tribune and Sun Times, which neither published. But I will write another one! We all know what rejections are like! You can find my letter here.

Please share your ideas or experiences as we work together to bring this cruel war to an end! And write me if you would like to join the IPWG.


Margaret Power