H-PAD at the AHA Conference in January

HPAD members & supporters,

We’re writing today with information about a mini-conference at the American Historical Association’s Annual Meeting this year, sponsored by the Radical History Review, an affiliate organization of the AHA, with support from Historians for Peace and Democracy. See below for further details about the “mini-conference”. The full schedule for its eighteen sessions is available on the H-PAD website at https://www.historiansforpeace.org/aha2024/

Also, H-PAD will be campaigning at the meeting for the formal adoption by the AHA of our resolution “In Defense of the Right to Learn“, which will be discussed by AHA membership at the business meeting on the evening of January 6. We hope that any H-PAD members at the conference will join us to lobby for the resolution, and to publicize our wider mission. If you are attending please let us know by email, or by filling out the survey at this link.

Best wishes,
Margaret Power and Van Gosse, H-PAD Co-Chairs


Radical History Sessions at the American Historical Association Annual Meeting

Sponsored by Radical History Review, with support from Historians for Peace and Democracy, January 4-7, 2024, San Francisco

Eighteen radical history sessions were initiated, organized, and sponsored/co-sponsored via Radical History Review, an affiliate organization of the AHA. The purpose of these sessions as a “mini-conference” within the AHA meeting is to augment the larger conference offerings by promoting historical scholarship in a wide variety of fields, some that are often neglected, that speak broadly to pressing social concerns and their historical genesis, and that are “radical” in a number of meanings of that admittedly slippery but important word. Join us for what is, among other things, essentially an underlying discussion of what is “radical” in history and why it is of crucial importance.