Save UNRWA Funding Call 202-224-3121

Legislative Alert: Preserve  UNRWA Funding !

Despite the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the Biden Administration has cut off funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency ( UNRWA,) the primary organization carrying out relief inside Gaza. Representatives Raskin, Carson and Jayapal are circulating a Congressional letter calling for the preservation of that funding. 

Listed below are the names of Representatives who have signed this letter. If your Representative is not on this list. please call and ask them to sign the Raskin-Carson-Jayapal letter in support of UNRWA funding.

Capitol Switchboard: 
202 -224-3121  (correct number)

Please forward this alert to colleagues and friends.

Prasannan Parthasarathi
Carolyn Rusti Eisenberg
Legislative Coordinators, 
Historians for Peace and Democracy

Signers of Raskin, Carson, Jayapal letter: Blumenauer, Earl; Bowman, Jamaal; Bush, Cori; Carson, André; Castro, Joaquin; Chu, Judy; Doggett, Lloyd; Frost, Maxwell; García, Jesús; Green, Al; Grijalva, Raúl; Jayapal, Pramila; Lynch, Stephen; McCollum, Betty; McGovern, James; Moore, Gwen; Norton, Eleanor; Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria; Pocan, Mark; Pressley, Ayanna; Ramirez, Delia; Schakowsky, Janice; Tlaib, Rashida; Velázquez, Nydia; Waters, Maxine