H-PAD Steering Committee Newsletter #10

H-PAD Update
Occasional Newsletter #10, July 21, 2021
(also available as a pdf for downloading and/or printing)

This fall…

Leading Historians

Political Commentators

Radical Scholars

Prominent Activists

are all available to present via Zoom for free in your classes, at campus events, or to political meetings in the community.

H-Pad has renewed our Virtual Speakers Program (VSP) for 2021-2022, and we urge you to take advantage of the excellent and accomplished presenters we have available—thirty-eight at current count with more joining—to enhance your educational work in a wide variety of settings on campus and off.  See “H-PAD Virtual Speakers Program” on the H-PAD website at for details of this program (https://www.historiansforpeace.org/speakers/)

The urgency of bringing sound historical and social analysis to our constituencies has only grown in recent weeks as the resurgent Trumpist right is now attempting outright bans of the teaching and discussion of progressive and critical ideas—starting with the history and  analysis of race and racism, and extending far beyond.

We see VSP as a way to counter right-wing repressive hysteria with critical scholarship, committed analysis, and progressive vision.


Thanks to Nick Anderson and the dailykos.com

 Please check VSP out and consider scheduling a virtual speaker!

For more information, beyond the H-PAD website, please contact Andor Skotnes (skotna@sage.edu) or  Carolyn “Rusti” Eisenberg (Carolyn.Eisenberg@hofstra.edu )