These are one-page, printable handouts that summarize important historical events, movements, crises, and more that form the backdrop for our current political situation.

  1. Ellen Schrecker, “McCarthyism, 1947-1960
  2. Jeremy Kuzmarov, “The U.S. War on Drugs
  3. Linda Gordon, “The Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s
  4. Robert Oppenheim, “North Korea and Nuclear Weapons
  5. Geoff Eley, “Is Trump a Fascist?
  6. Felice Batlan, “Building a Regime of Restrictive Immigration Laws, 1840-1945
  7. Margaret Power, “Puerto Rico: A U.S. Colony in the Caribbean”
  8. Van Gosse, “Why The United States Is Not A True Democracy, Part One
  9. Kevin A. Young, “Our Debt to Central American Refugees” also available as a text version with hyperlinks
  10. Van Gosse, “Why the United States Is Not a True Democracy, Part Two”