Korea Speakers’ List

(in formation)

This list contains the names, affiliation, and email of speakers who have said they could potentially speak at campuses or communities on the issues they have listed. Please consult with them regarding availability and expenditures.

Gregg Brazinski, George Washington University, brazinsk@gwu.edu, can speak on South Korea or Sino North Korea relations. 

Kornel Chang, Rutgers University kchang4@gmail.com

David Fields, University of Wisconsin, Madison, dpfields@wisc.edu can speak on North Korean Ideology, Origins of the Division of Korea, History of U.S.-Relations with the Korean Peninsula, Korean perceptions of the United States

John J. Harney, Centre College, Kentucky; John.harney@centre.edu; can speak on China’s historical relationship with North Korea, the historical context of current Chinese foreign policy, and historical context of Sino-American relations with commentary on Taiwan, Japan, and North and South Korea.

Suzy Kim, Rutgers University, suzykim@alc.rutgers.edu, can speak on history of Korea’s division; Korean War; history of North Korea’s founding

Jeremy Kuzmarov, University of Tulsa, jeremy-kuzmarov@utulsa.edu; can speak on the Korean War and current Korean crisis, U.S. foreign policy under Truman,

Peter Kuznick, American University, pkuznick@aol.com

Mitch Lerner, Ohio State University, lerner26@osu.edu, can speak on US-Korean relations and/or North Korea in general.

Gary Leupp, Tufts University, gary.leupp@tufts.edu

James Matray, California State University, Chico; jmatray@csuchico.edu; can speak on three the origins of the Korean War; the role of atomic threats in ending the Korean War; George W. Bush administration’s policy toward North Korea

Robert Oppenheim, University of Texas at Austin; rmo@austin@utexas.edu, can speak on North Korean History and Nuclear Weapons

Martin Sherwin, George Mason University, msherwin@gmu.edu

Lawrence Wittner, SUNY/Albany, lwittner@albany.edu, can speak on nuclear war dangers today.

Yuh Ji-Yeon, Northwestern University; j-yuh@northwestern.edu