Speakers’ Bureau

We are putting together a Speakers’ Bureau of eminent historians who are uniquely qualified to speak on a variety of topics. We will include the Speakers’ Bureau in the packet of materials we will send to our members and other historians across the country. Being on the Speakers’ Bureau means that you are available to speak but does not commit you to any specific engagement. You would be able to determine if and when you would speak, depending on your schedule and availability.

Members of H-PAD Speakers Bureau

  1. Ervand Abrahamian
  2. Christian Appy
  3. Joel Beinin
  4. Medea Benjamin
  5. Phyllis Bennis
  6. Albert Camarillo
  7. Clayborne Carson
  8. Juan Cole
  9. Bruce Cumings
  10. Natalie Zemon Davis
  11. Laura Edwards
  12. Geoff Eley
  13. Bill Fletcher, Jr.
  14. Estelle Freedman
  15. Linda Gordon
  16. Steven Hahn
  17. Robin D.G. Kelley
  18. Peter Kuznick
  19. Nelson Lichtenstein
  20. Zachary Lockman
  21. Molly Nolan
  22. Vijay Prashad
  23. Mary Louise Roberts
  24. Robert Self
  25. Martin Sherwin
  26. Nikhil Singh
  27. David Waldstreicher
  28. Daniel Walkowitz
  29. Bob Wing
  30. Larry Wittner