Speakers on Latin America and the Caribbean

Alexander Aviña, alexander.avina@asu.edu, is available to speak on immigration, US–Latin America relations.

He is an associate professor of history at Arizona State University. He researches social movements and state violence in 20th century Mexico, and his current research project explores the links between the political economy of narcotics, drug wars, and state violence in 1960s and 70s Mexico. He is the author of Specters of Revolution: Peasant Guerrillas in the Cold War Mexican Countryside (Oxford U. Press). (See: https://newsroom.asu.edu/expert/alexander-aviña; https://alexanderavina.com)

Aviva Chomsky, avi.chomsky@salemstate.edu, is available to speak on social and economic issues in Latin America and the Caribbean and on immigration in the U.S.

She is a Professor of History at Salem State University. “My recent work has been in three main areas: the Cuban revolution, northern Colombia’s coal industry, and immigration and undocumentedness in the United States. Thematically, I incorporate the issues of colonialism, economic development, migration, race, labor, environment, and global inequality.” (See https://directory.salemstate.edu/profile/avi.chomsky)

Margaret Power, marmacpower1@gmail.com, is available to speak on right-wing women, the recent history of Chile and Puerto Rico, and the Right in general.

She is a Professor of History at Illinois Tech. She “focuses on Latin America, women, and gender. Her earlier work explored why a large number of Chilean women opposed the socialist government of Salvador Allende (1970–73) and supported the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973–1990). . .” She recently co-authored a book on Norvelt, a New Deal community in southwest Pennsylvania named for Eleanor Roosevelt. She is currently writing a book titled Solidarity across the Americas: The Puerto Rican Nationalist Party vs. U.S. Colonialism.” She is co-chair of Historians for Peace and Democracy. (See https://www.iit.edu/directory/people/margaret-power)

Barbara Weinstein, barbara.weinstein@nyu.edu, is available to speak on Trump’s impact on Latin American politics.

Professor of History, New York University. She is “Silver Professor of History and Past President of the American Historical Association. Her publications include The Amazon Rubber Boom, 1850-1920 (1983), For Social Peace in Brazil: Industrialists and the Remaking of the Working Class in São Paulo (1996), and The Color of Modernity: São Paulo and the Making of Race and Nation in Brazil (2015) . . . [She is writing] an intellectual biography of the pioneering Latin Americanist Frank Tannenbaum.” (See: https://as.nyu.edu/faculty/barbara-weinstein.html)

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