Speakers on Militarism and the Arms Race

Medea Benjamin, medea@codepink.org, is available to speak on resisting US militarism and interventions.

She is a co-founder of the women-led peace group CODEPINK and of the human rights group Global Exchange. She has been an advocate for social justice for more than 40 years. Described as “one of America’s most committed—and most effective—fighters for human rights” by New York Newsday, and “one of the high profile leaders of the peace movement” by the Los Angeles Times, she was one of 1,000 exemplary women from 140 countries nominated to receive the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the millions of women who do the essential work of peace worldwide. She is the author of nine books, including Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control and Kingdom of the Unjust: Behind the U.S.-Saudi Connection, and her articles appear regularly in outlets such as the Huffington Post, CommonDreams, Alternet, The Other Words, and TeleSUR. (See https://www.codepink.org/medea_benjamin)

Horace Campbell, hgcampbe@syr.edu, is available to speak on issues of peace and reconstruction in the 21st century, including reparations and reparative claims; US militarism; US wars against liberation movements (especially in Africa); the lies of the Cold War.

Professor of African American Studies and Political Science at Syracuse University, he is a noted international peace and justice scholar and is a US rapporteur for the International Commission of Inquiry against Police Violence, which is compiling a comprehensive report on police killings and maimings in the United States. (See https://www.maxwell.syr.edu/psc/Campbell,_Horace_G_/)

Michael Klare, mklare@armscontrol.org, is available to speak on climate change and on arms control.

He is a Five College professor emeritus of peace and world security studies, and director of the Five College Program in Peace and World Security Studies. “Michael Klare is currently the secretary for the Arms Control Association board of directors and a senior visiting fellow working on emerging technologies—such as lethal autonomous weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles—and how arms control strategies can mitigate their adverse impacts. He is a regular contributor for The Nation magazine.” (See: https://www.armscontrol.org/about/Michael_Klare, https://www.hampshire.edu/faculty/michael-klare)

Peter Kuznick, pkuznick@aol.com, is available to speak on nuclear weapons policy and contention.

He is a Professor of History, American University. “In 1995, he founded American University’s Nuclear Studies Institute. . . . [He] is author of Beyond the Laboratory: Scientists As Political Activists in 1930s, co-author with Akira Kimura of Rethinking the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Japanese and American Perspectives . . . [and several other works. . . . He and [filmmaker] Oliver Stone co-authored the 10 part Showtime documentary film series and book both titled The Untold History of the United States.” (See https://www.american.edu/cas/faculty/kuznick.cfm)

Stephen Miles, stephen@winwithoutwar.org, is available to speak on US foreign policy, war powers and use of force, Pentagon/defense spending, endless wars.

Executive Director of Win Without War. “He previously worked for the global campaigning organization Avaaz, as well as on multiple federal, state, and local electoral campaigns, and as the Executive Director of the American Hellenic Council.” (See https://winwithoutwar.org/about/who-we-are/, https://www.thenation.com/authors/stephen-miles/)

Daniel A. Sjursen, dannysjursen@hotmail.com, is available to speak on U.S. foreign and military policy post-9/11, reframing patriotism and dissent, antiwar veteran experience, American Empire, race/class/social justice links to U.S. militarism.

He is a U.S. Army major (retired); senior fellow at the Center for International Policy (CIP), director of the Eisenhower Media Network (EMN), and contributing editor at Antiwar.com. He describes himself as “just another exasperating, insufferable, self-centered Leo with a minor Messiah complex, born on August 5, 1983 . . .” He was recently selected as the 2019 Lannan Foundation cultural freedom fellow. He is the author of a memoir and critical analysis of the Iraq War, Ghostriders of Baghdad: Soldiers, Civilians, and the Myth of the Surge.” (See https://skepticalvet.com/)

Larry Wittner, larrywittner@gmail.com, is available to speak on nuclear weapons and war.

A Professor Emeritus at  SUNY Albany. he “is the author of nine books, the editor or co-editor of another four, and the writer of about 400 published articles and book reviews. His most ambitious scholarly project thus far has been his Struggle Against the Bomb trilogy . . . From 1984 to 1987, he edited Peace & Change, a journal of peace research. . . . Blending intellectual life with political activity, Professor Wittner has participated since 1961 in the racial equality, labor, and peace movements.” (See: https://www.lawrenceswittner.com/)

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