Statement from H-PAD co-chairs on escalation of Israeli attacks on Gaza (October 12, 2023)

Dear H-PAD members and supporters,

While we abhor the killing of Israeli civilians by Hamas, we can’t let that horror prevent us from speaking out against Israel’s attacks on Palestinians in Gaza.

Collective punishment via mass starvation is a war crime. When the intended target is two million people, half of them children, it is something even worse: in the words of Jewish Voice for Peace, we now face “imminent genocide — yes, genocide — against Palestinians in Gaza. Israel has already shut off the flow of water, food, and electricity. Its bombing has already destroyed whole neighborhoods and killed hundreds. Now it is planning a massive land invasion. In the name of humanity and human rights, we must not let this happen.

We suggest you contact your elected officials, including President Biden, to demand they pressure Israel to end the siege of Gaza and oppose the invasion of Gaza. We also urge you to write to your local newspaper offering your thoughts on the situation, and speak up to friends and family. This is no time to be silent, or hold back.

Finally, we enclose an urgent appeal from Senator Bernie Sanders to de-escalate the violence in Israel/Palestine.

Margaret Power and Van Gosse, Co-ChairsHistorians for Peace and Democracy