Steering Committee

Alex Avina, associate professor of history at Arizona State University, specializing in 20th century Mexico and Latin America.

Marc Becker, Latin American historian at Truman State U., Missouri; has managed the HAW (now H-PAD) web page since the beginning; co-chair of HAW 2008-17.

Leena Dallasheh, Historian at Humboldt State University, specialist in Palestine/Israel and the Middle East more generally.

Mara Dodge, U.S. historian at Westfield State University (MA). Areas of interest: Women’s History, Labor History, Prison History, & local history (editor, Historical Journal of Massachusetts).

Carolyn “Rusti” Eisenberg, historian at Hofstra U., specialist in 20th century US foreign policy; antiwar activist since 1965; co-coordinator of legislative work for United for Peace and Justice coalition; on Steering Committee since the start.

Barbara Epstein, retired historian at UC Santa Cruz, writes on the history of social movements. Peace activist since high school in late ‘50s, on editorial boards of a number of left journals, beginning with Socialist Revolution, lately working on Israel/Palestine issues. New Steering Committee member as of 2017.

Jerise (Jeri) Fogel, New York City; classicist currently adjuncting at Montclair State U., also working artist; active on Israel/Palestine issues; longtime Steering Committee member.

Van Gosse, historian at Franklin and Marshall College; former Organizing Director of Peace Action and former chair of the Radical History Review Editorial Collective; founding co-chair of HAW in 2003 and Steering Committee member since then. Once again co-chair as of 2017 (with Margaret Power).

Marty Halpern, retired historian (labor and political history) at Henderson State U., Arkansas; longtime activist; was on Steering Committee 2010-12 and coordinated/wrote a HAW response to the 2010 State of the Union message; now back on Steering Committee.

Tom Harbison, E-learning specialist at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York, and managing editor of the Radical History Review; research interests include instructional technology, pedagogy, and educational history; new Steering Committee member as of 2017.

Staughton Lynd, historian/lawyer/activist, Youngstown, Ohio; author most-recently (with Alice Lynd) of Moral Injury and Nonviolent Resistance: Breaking the Cycle of Violence in the Military and Behind Bars; on Steering Committee since founding of HAW.

Elizabeth Mathews, senior undergraduate history major at George Mason University, has been involved in several student activist organizations, most notably Transparent GMU and Unkoch My Campus. These organizations work to increase transparency around universities’ relationships with their donors, particularly the Charles Koch Foundation.

Molly Nolan, professor emeritus of history at New York University.

Jim O’Brien, freelance indexer of history books; as HAW member, active especially in helping coordinate our three conferences and sending article lists to the HAW email list; co-chair of Steering Committee 2007-17.

Prasannan Parthasarathi

Roger Peace, independent scholar with PhD in American Foreign Relations, Florida State U.; originated and manages the website United States Foreign Policy: History and Resource Guide (; on Steering Committee last two years.

Margaret Power, historian at Illinois Institute of Technology; specialist in Latin American and women’s history; longtime member of HAW’s leadership including three years as co-chair in mid-2000s. Once again co-chair as of 2017 (with Van Gosse).

Ellen Schrecker, retired historian at Yeshiva U.; longtime authority on McCarthyism and political repression more generally; active in AAUP and other groups dealing with civil liberties and the academy; new Steering Committee member as of 2017.

Andor Skotnes, historian at The Sage Colleges, Troy, NY; specialist in working-class and African American history; founding co-chair of HAW with Van Gosse; on Steering Committee until 2009-10, returning as of 2017.

James Swarts, adjunct lecturer in United States and presidential history at SUNY Geneseo; Vietnam-era veteran; active organizer and speaker in local antiwar activities over past fifteen years; has been on Steering Committee since 2011.

Barbara Weinstein, Latin American historian at NYU; president of American Historical Association, 2007; new Steering Committee member as of 2017.

Barbara Winslow, professor emerita Brooklyn College; founder and director emerita The Shirley Chisholm Project of Brooklyn Women’s Activism 1945 to the Present.

Kevin Young, Latin American historian at the U. of Massachusetts Amherst; organizer in antiwar, labor, climate justice, and immigrant rights movements; new Steering Committee member as of 2017.