Two messages to H-PAD supporters

Below are two communications of potential interest to supporters of Historians for Peace and Democracy.

1. Tabling at the Left Forum

H-PAD Supporters:

H-PAD will be sharing a table with the Radical History Review at the upcoming Left Forum, Friday-Sunday, June 1-3, at John Jay College in NYC.  The Left Forum is of course the largest and broadest socialist conference in the US and has been meeting annually in one  form or another for a half century  (  Our purpose in tabling and distributing literature at the forum is to raise the profile of H-PAD on the left, and to do some networking.

But WE NEED HELP!!  If you are coming to the Left Forum, or if you are in the NYC region, we would very much appreciate it if you could spending some time—even a short time—helping with the tabling.  Of course, we realize most of you won’t be able to come to the forum, but would you suggest or contact other people you know who might help with the table.  Finally, please give us any advice you have on tabling, networking, or relating to the forum.

We have not yet set up times for our forum tabling, but the exhibit halls where the tables are located are open 3-7 pm Friday, 9 am-7.30 pm Saturday, and 9 am- 5 pm Sunday.

Please get back to us on this as soon as you can.

Thanks!!  Andor Skotnes and Jeri Fogel for H-PAD

2. Voices of Conscience Conference

David Cortright of the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies writes:

“As you know, we are sponsoring the Voices of Conscience conference at Notre Dame May 22-24. Attached is the draft program.

The communications team at Kroc and Notre Dame will be live streaming the opening two plenary panels of the conference on May 22.

Speakers in the first panel are Vietnam era vet Susan Schnall, Iraq vet Jonathan Hutto, Tran Xuan Thao (director of the War Remnants Museum in Saigon) and Nathan Smith, recently retired Captain based in Kuwait who sued over the unconstitutionality of the war on ISIS. The second panel includes historians Christian Appy and Michael Kazin and Madame Ton-Nu-Thi Ninh, president of the Ho Chi Minh City Peace and Development Foundation.”

For more information on the conference and a full schedule:



Andor Skotnes

Professor of History