TIME SENSITIVE: General Petraeus at SHAFR -open letter

From Historians for Peace and Democracy : We encourage you to sign this letter protesting SHAFR’s decision to invite  retired U.S. Army General David Petraeus to be the keynote speaker at the June meeting of SHAFR (Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations). This thoughtful letter has been initiated by members of SHAFR – and does not question the General’s right to speak, but the special honor and  lindividual platform accorded him.. The letter will be delivered to SHAFR Council  on Wednesday May 23 so please sign today and circulate far and wide. You do not need to be a member of SHAFR to sign. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc791zOZ13a4Dq3lhkay7_bY-cgR3Q5SOtVWe_rTrQ6UZrjHA/viewform
Dear SHAFR Council: We are writing to express our deep disappointment and dismay over the decision to invite David Petraeus to deliver the keynote lecture at SHAFR’s annual meeting in Philadelphia this year. As historians we stand by the principles of free speech and inquiry, and we recognize that our work often involves analyzing and engaging with the views of policymakers with whom we may disagree. We acknowledge Petraeus’ right to speak his mind and to present at SHAFR panels. There is a difference, however, between engaging current and former policymakers and elevating their positions with the special honor of a keynote lecture. There is also a difference between a free exchange of ideas and the payment of individuals to espouse their views with SHAFR funds. Our opposition to Petraeus’ keynote stems in part from the democratic principle that historians should be cognizant of the excesses of state power, particularly with respect to military intervention and war. By inviting Petraeus to deliver a key


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