H-PAD Steering Committee Newsletter #1

This newsletter is also available in a pdf and Word format for downloading and/or printing on our website at https://www.historiansforpeace.org/activities/newsletters/.


H-PAD Steering Committee Newsletter #1
September 6, 2018
Historians for Peace and Democracy


Welcome to our first H-PAD newsletter! We have started this newsletter in order to share news with our members and supporters about what H-PAD is doing and to encourage you to get involved and share your news about what you are doing. The newsletter will keep you updated on H-PAD campaigns, publications, and other activities. And we really do hope you will tell us what activities you are engaged in, which will be helpful for all of us as we work together to promote peace and democracy.


Communicating with and mobilizing H-PAD supporters.  Communications between the Steering Committee (SC) and H-PAD supporters have largely been through the periodic H-PAD Notes and occasional email messages.  We are, as stated above, introducing this newsletter to improve these communications.  We are sending this newsletter to everyone on our email list.  If you do not wish to receive the newsletter, please let us know.  Additionally, we are working to develop a network of campus and local representatives or liaisons to facilitate H-PAD grassroots work.  Would you like to be part of this initiative?


H-PAD initiatives this fall


  • We have just published our sixth Broadside, Felice Batlan, “Building a Regime of Restrictive Immigration Laws, 1840-1945.”  Our Broadsides committee is looking to publish several more soon, and when we get ten we will do a major publicity campaign around the set.  Note that the Broadsides are all published on the Verso Blog.
  • H-PAD has joined the campaign to defend student voting rights and get out the student vote.  We have sent out 3 communications on this to the email list, and have posted “Ten Easy Steps to Help Students Vote Where They Study” on the H-PAD web site and have made Student Voting: A National Guide.
  • The H-PAD SC has begun a discussion of how to more effectively organize and facilitate political education and public history.  We will send you more information on this when it is available.
  • We are considering holding face-to-face H-PAD meetings – one in New York plus perhaps some others regionally – in late November, to sum up the midterm elections and the impact they have on our work.  Let us know if you are interested in participating.
  • We are looking into activities at the next AHA Annual Meeting in Chicago in January 2019, possibly including tabling, a H-PAD meeting, a panel, and a resolution on resisting threats to academic freedom and freedom of speech.

What you can do. Ways to get involved

  • Give us feedback on any or all of the above.
  • Distribute the H-PAD Broadsides and use them in your political work.
  • Get involved in getting out the student vote, using the materials we have made available as appropriate.
  • Continue your involvement as radical intellectuals and historians in the current resistance struggle and let us know what you are doing.

Write us at info@historiansforpeace.org