Voting Rights Alert #3: the Campus Elections Engagement Project (CEEP)

Dear H-PAD supporters,
Among the profusion of groups focused on helping students vote, CEEP (the Campus Elections Engagement Project) is notable for its grassroots focus on campus, rather than creating “apps” to engage students electronically. It also publishes a lot of useful, up-to-date information.
For instance, national Constitution Day is coming up on September 17, and they have an excellent guide on How to Meet a Federal Requirement and Help Students Vote.
Another, equally timely resource is their Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nomination Guide.  Finally, a central concern for many of our entering First-Years is guns, and CEEP has an excellent Gun Issues: A Resource for Civil Dialogue and Engagement.
CEEP has field operations with staff in 22 states, to support student registration and turn-out.  Write their Associate Director, Courtney Cochran, at to find out what they are doing in your state!
In solidarity,
Van Gosse, H-PAD Co-Chair
Professor of History
Franklin & Marshall College
Lancaster PA 17604-3003