Letter re Bundestag resolution

Dear HPAD supporters,
The German Bundestag just passed a resolution attacking BDS as antisemitic, and is threatening to defund NGOs in Germany that subscribe to it. 60+ scholars of Judaism and Israel (with widely varying views on BDS itself) signed on to the following very well framed and clearly argued open letter opposing the Bundestag resolution and exposing anti-BDS rhetoric, also decrying the manipulative use of it to stop criticism of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories.
Please read and forward this thoughtful letter as widely as possible–this kind of statement seems to receive very little press or comment in the US.
Here’s the link:
www.haaretz.com/embeds/pdf_upload/2019/20190516-185634.pdf Note: You are receiving this email as a member or friend of Historians for Peace and Democracy (see www.historiansforpeace.org/). If you no longer wish to receive these occasional messages, send an email to h-pad-request@historiansforpeace.org?subject=unsubscribe. _______________________________________________ H-PAD mailing list H-PAD@lists.historiansforpeace.org lists.historiansforpeace.org/listinfo.cgi/h-pad-historiansforpeace.org