H-PAD Notes, 6/7/19: AHA plans; links to recent articles of interest

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Note: Historians for Peace and Democracy (H-PAD) and the Radical History Review are planning a set of eleven affiliate sessions at the January 3-6 annual meeting of the American Historical Association in New York City. Click here for more information.
Links to Recent Articles of Interest
By Kevin Kennedy, History News Network, posted June 6
On the way in which Western celebrations of D-Day ignore the far more important role of the Soviet Union in defeating Nazi Germany.The author is a German-American historian, lecturer, and writer who lives in Postdam, Germany. 

By William J. Astore, TomDispatch.com, posted June 4
The author is a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel who has taught history in military and civilian schools.

By Rashid Khalidi, The Nation, posted June 3 
A review-essay on Amy Kaplan's new book Our American Israel: The Story of an Entangled Alliance. The author teaches Arab Studies at Columbia University and is the author of a forrhcoming book, The Hundred Years' War on Palestine.
By Barbara Ransby, New York Times, posted June 3
The author teaches history, African American Studies, and Gender and Women's Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
By Danny Sjursen, TomDispatch.com, posted May 30
The author is a recently retired major in the U.S. Army who formerly taught history at West Point.

Edited by Carlos Osorio, Silvia Tandeciarz, and Johanna Weech for the National Security Archive, posted May 30
By Lawrence Wittner, History News Network, posted May 26
The author is a professor emeritus of history at SUNY Albany. 
By Christopher de Bellaigue, The Guardian, posted May 22 
A review essay highlighting the nuanced relationships between Christians and Muslims in early-modern Europe.Sir Noel Malcolm, author of Useful Enemies, is a British political journalist and historian.

By Maha Nassar, Washington Post, posted May 17
The author teaches in the School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies at the University of Arizona.
By Leslie J. Reagan, Time, posted My 16
The author teaches history, law, and gender and women's studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and is the author of When Abortion Was a Crime and Dangerous Pregnancies. 
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