H-PAD Notes 12/5/19: AHA convention; links to recent articles of interest

Note: Historians for Peace and Democracy and the Radical History Review are co-sponsoring eleven sessions at next month's annual American Historical Association convention in New York, Friday 1/3 to Sunday 1/5. Click here for a one-page flyer giving the schedule for these sessions or here for complete information including names of participants. All the sessions will be in the same room at the convention hotel.

Links to Recent Articles of Interest

By Carolyn Eisenberg, New York Times, posted December 5.
Argues that the 1974 House Judiciary Committee decision not to include Nixon's secret bombing of Cambodia among the articles of impeachment meant passing up the opportunity to set standards for future presidents. The author teaches US history and foreign policy at Hofstra University.

By Rebecca Gordon, TomDispatch.com, posted December 5
A broad analysis of US history and its influence on the coalition making up Donald Trump's base of support. The author teaches at the University of San Francisco.
By Michael Kazin, The Nation, posted December 2
A lengthy review essay on Eric Foner's new book The Second Founding, about the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. As background, the essay discusses Foner's other books on the Civil War era. The author teaches history at Georgetown University.

By William J. Astore, TomDispatch.com, posted December 1
The author is a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel who has taught history in military and civilian schools.
By Jeremy Kuzmarov, The Progressive, posted November 28 
On a rendezvous of American and Soviet soldiers at the Elbe River in Germany soon after the Nazi surrender, in which both sides promised to work for a peaceful world.

By Ian Zuckerman, Public Seminar, posted November 26
The author teaches politics at Regis University. 
By Thomas Lecaque, Washington Post, posted November 26
The author teaches history at Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa.
By Michael J. Silverman, History News Network, posted November 24
The author teaches history at George Washington University. 
By Danny Sjursen, TruthDig.com, posted November 21 
The author is a retired major in the US Army and a former history instructor at West Point.
By Maddalena Marinari, Washington Post, posted November 21
The author teaches history at Gustavus Adolphus College and is the author of the forthcoming book Unwanted: Italian and Jewish Mobilization Against Restrictive Immigration Laws, 1882-1965 (U. of North Carolina Press).
Thanks to an anonymous reader for suggesting some of the articles included above. Suggestions can be sent to jimobrien48@gmail.com.