Help Build the Fight in 2020!

Dear friends of H-PAD,


If you support all we are doing (and we’re doing a lot!), please show us your support with a holiday contribution. We are gearing up for a big year of struggle.


Our new Liberating History video series is up on YouTube, getting hundreds of hits. We have two fine historians on there (Donna Murch and Irene Gendzier) with eight more to go from Prasannan Parthasarathi, Laura Briggs, Leena Dallasheh, Jeffrey Perry, Robyn Spencer, Ellen Schrecker, and Barbara Winslow—we need your support to finish editing those videos!


In partnership with Radical History Review, we have organized a mini-conference of our own at the upcoming Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, January 4-7, in New York city—eleven panels, many focused on organizing.  


Much more is coming in the New Year—an election year when the voice of historians will be more urgently needed than ever.  We need your help to make all this happen.  Please contribute to H-PAD to support our organizing.


In solidarity,

Van Gosse and Margaret Power, Co-Chairs