H-PAD is hiring an organizer—and we need your help!

Dear H-PAD members and friends,

Right now we have a great opportunity to mobilize faculty against the McCarthyite Right: they are coming for us as historians, and we need to fight back.  


H-PAD is about to hire an organizer for the first time in our history. There is so much good work to be done, as highlighted in the “Call to Action” that Ellen Schrecker and Molly Nolan sent you on February 28 (below).  In order to accomplish this work, we have hired an experienced organizer, Sarah Sklaw.  Here’s her bio:


Sarah Sklaw holds a PhD in History from NYU. Sarah’s research focuses on the gendered implications of U.S.-backed and national development programs in Nicaragua before, during, and after the Sandinista Revolution. Her recently completed dissertation, “‘Tell your Mama to Surrender’: Gender, Revolution, and Development in Nicaragua 1974-1992,” analyzes the impact of imperial, revolutionary, and neoliberal development strategies on gender and family relations. Her writing has appeared in the Washington Post, NACLA, and Public Books. Sarah is also involved in the immigrant justice movement, and has worked as an interpreter on asylum cases in NYC. She has also been involved in the graduate student labor movement through GSOC-UAW 2110.  


Starting next week, Sarah will be:

·      Contacting faculty senates and AAUP chapters to urge them to pass resolutions as part of the African American Policy Forum’s campaign in partnership with the AAUP 

·      Researching faculty actions around the country, including faculty organizing in solidarity with K-12 teachers 

·      Maintaining our comprehensive Opposition to the Right-Wing Culture Wars webpage


We need money to pay her, and make this campaign happen.  Please go to our donate page to help out.


In solidarity,

Van Gosse and Margaret Power, Co-Chairs