H-PAD Notes 3/3/22: Some readings on the Ukraine invasion

Some Readings on the Ukraine Invasion and Its Background
Historians for Peace and Democracy is united in its strong condemnation of the Russian invasion and ongoing warfare against the government and people of Ukraine. As this crisis unfolds, there are diverse perspectives on the causes of the conflict, and the future role of the United States in addressing the war. The following list of articles reflects some of that complexity. The list was compiled by Carolyn “Rusti” Eisenberg and Jim O'Brien with help from Mara Dodge.

New Republic, posted March 2
Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies, “How the US Started a New Cold War with Russia, and Left Ukraine to Fight It,” Common Dreams, posted February 28
Scott Reynolds Nelson, “Wheat and Deep Ports: The Long History of Putin's Invasion of Ukraine,” History News Network, posted February 27
Feminist Antiwar Resistance, “Russia's Feminists Are in the Steets Protesting Putin's War,” Jacobin, posted February 27
Phyllis Bennis, “Respond to Putin's Illegal Invasion of Ukraine with Diplomacy, Not War,” Foreign Policy in Focus, posted February 25
Tony Wood, “Why Didn't They Stop It,” London Review of Books, posted February 24
Patricia Claus, “The History of Donbass' Donetsk and Luhansk Regions,” Greek Reporter, posted February 22