(Deadline tonight): sign-on against College Board censorship

Dear fellow historians,
Here is a new petition against the Florida/College Board censorship scandal: “A Call to the College Board to Restore the Integrity of the AP African American Studies Course.” They are requesting signatures by tonight, Wednesday, February 15, at 11:59pm PST. The letter was authored by the African American Policy Forum and is being circulated by several additional groups. They plan to send it to the press tomorrow, though I believe they’ll continue to add signatures after that.
Here is a comment from historian Khalil Gibran Muhammad, explaining the need for the petition:

We write now to ask that you join us once more in lifting our voices to ensure that the College Board restores the integrity of the AP African American Studies course. Our collective voices kept a spotlight on the issue, and helped to produce results–the College Board issued multiple statements about the fallout, admitting some mistakes in rolling out the course. But the College Board’s mea culpa did not acknowledge mistakes in reshaping the course itself and it did not commit to a remedy. We believe the remedy is to restore the version of the pilot course that is neither compromised nor diminished. We ask you to join this effort by asking the College Board to meet its obligation to stand behind this course as originally envisioned and designed to deliver the college-level Black Studies course that students deserve.


Feel free to share with your colleagues.

AAPF is also holding a briefing later today at 7pm ET.

Kevin Young, of the H-PAD Steering Committee