Propose Radical History Sessions for the 2024 AHA

RHR and H-PAD supporters:
We are planning another set of RHR/H-PAD sessions at the next American Historical San Francisco, January 4–7, 2024
The deadline to submit an AHA session proposal for this annual meeting was recently extended to Monday, March 6, at midnight PST.
Two proposals by  RHR/H-PAD folks have already been submitted, but we would love to have more. Proposals accepted as AHA sessions can also be listed jointly as RHR affiliate sessions.The advantage of being an AHA session, with simultaneous RHR sponsorship, is that there are no costs for the sessions, rooms, or media, and the publicity is better
So if you want to try to submit an AHA2024 session by the new AHA deadline please do–see–and let us know.
Or if you want to organize a session, but can't make the new deadline, you can submit a proposal to us by May for a RHR affiliate session (almost all our sessions thus far have been these)..  We will send out information on affiliate sessions submission fairly soon.
For now, though, let's propose as many regular AHA sessions as possible!

Andor Skotnes for the RHR/H-PAD AHA Group